Saturday, 7 March 2015

Rise Above

A few days ago I came across an 'organisation', more like how Mr Ben Brown described it, a 'move'! It's a website, called Rise Above, made by young people for young people to share their experiences and stories, seek advice, play games and talk about what matters to all, really.

Rise Above discusses various topics about friends and family, puberty, relationships and self confidence and so many other topics that interests mostly teenagers. I say teenagers because at their age, everything is changing, the body, the mind, the way they deal with things and the decisions they have to make... it just seems so difficult and confusing, causing them to stress out and feel down.

 I think with such a community out there, those who're lost can find their way back and hopefully handle things in a... more mature way. You're probably wondering why I chose the term "lost", simply because at some point I was lost and I needed someone to talk to but was mostly shy and part of me was afraid of being judged.

Believe it or not, it never occurred to me to look for help online before, and now that I know about Rise Above and would've definitely checked it out if it existed back when I was in my early teenage, I want to share it with as many teenagers as I can to help as many of them as I can! (I have a feeling this sentence contained a lot of grammatical mistakes and didn't make much sense :P.... I hope you get the point)

If you decide to check them out, which I highly recommend, you'll notice that these topics aren't discussed in a boring way, but are brought to you by your favourite Youtubers, some of whom are Dan and PhilKickThePj and so many more!

I will end this post here since I felt like I rambled a lot, but before I do I will leave some information for you about Rise Above, should you want to know more. Until then, take care and I'll see you soon.

Rise Above website

Rise Above Twitter

Rise Above Youtube

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


  Whenever I decide to draw, paint, or craft something, I like to have a general image, in my head, of what I want the piece to look like when I'm done with it. There are some exceptions though! When I start doodling, I never think about what I'm going to draw... I just do! Zentangle is one type of doodling I enjoy!

 When I'm feeling stressed or depressed and I feel like I need to empty my head from all that's there, I start with a line or circle or any simple shape really. The cool thing about Zentangle is that you don't have to be a professional artist to star doodling! All you got to do is grab a piece  of paper and a pen or pencil and set your imagination free!

  However, you are required to draw patterns! You see, that's the thing about Zentangle, it revolves around the infinite patterns that you can come up with.

  The following are some of my best Zentangle doodles:

As far as i remember, this is the biggest Zentangle piece I've ever drawn!
This was just for me to practice with a new pen.
During exams and school days, I  get bored and stressed a lot so I just grab a pen and start doodling
 on my notebooks ;P 
This is my latest doodle and my favorite so far!
  I prefer Zentangling with black on white paper, the way it was first done by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. is their official website where you can learn more about this type of art!

 Feel free to share your experience with me in the comments down below, and if you already Zentangle then your advice and criticism is more than welcome too!

That's all for this post, but for now... TheHoarderMe is over and out!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Social media and stuff

I've mentioned previously in my 1st blog that I have a youtube channel. Well it doesnt just stop there... I have this blog... I have a tumblr as well. I'll be posting pictures and other stuff on tumblr.... so if you want to stay tuned then why not follow me on tumblr here. Feel free to ask me questions and send me mail or what ever you want to send....

I think thats all for this time... talk to you soon...bye!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Introducing TheHoarderMe

:/ I really don't know how to start this blog....... maybe i just have to state something and it'll all come to my mind...... hmmmm.... well as you can tell from the name of my blog, i'm a hoarder! A hoarder, for those who don't know who a hoarder might be, is a person who keeps and accumulates things for future use or reference.
   I don't just keep big stuff and important papers, i can also keep things that are very small in size, they could be very small that drives my mom crazy!!! I never throw things away except for things that i reaaaaaally don't need, used tissue papers or gum for example :D ... I even keep pencil sharpens for some future projects SoMeTiMeS, when i feel like it....
Now, I would like to mention a few things about what's gonna be uploaded to this blog....

1) I do have a youtube channel under the name " ART imatum " where i upload arts and crafts tutorials ( for now ).... you can visit it here. It's nothing fancy for i'm still a beginner!

2) I would like to share with you bits of my life too. I might post articles about things that make me happy, things that might have gone through out the day or week or something like that.... you get the gist of it don't you?

  I think this is gonna be it for this post and I hope you enjoy whatever is gonna come up from this...